With a background of having served in the Pakistan Air Force for 34 years at important field, staff and instructional positions, Air Vice Marshall Muhammad Ateeb Siddiqui (Retd), as the CEO of Nova Technologies brings rich experience of understanding the needs and requirements of Pakistan’s armed forces.

What is Nova Technologies Scope of Work?

Nova Technologies is a multinational trading house specialized in the supply of aviation, defense, logistic & warehousing, weapons, ammunition and equipment. Nova Technologies also provides consultancy services to select international and Pakistan multinational corporations. Led by its experienced CEO, Retired Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Ateeb Siddiqui, Nova Technologies has built an unrivalled reputation of being the first choice consultant for government, public and commercial agencies and entities for the provision of indispensible services in the planning and facilitation of a number of key projects. With the Armed Forces of Pakistan and the Civil Aviation Authority being amongst our foremost customers, Nova Technologies has earned the reputation of also being a premium consultancy service provider amongst the European, USA, UK, Chinese and Turkish manufacturers, suppliers and experts related to this specialized field.

Nova Technologies Strengths

The role of specialized companies that provide consultancy services to major corporations and their consumers is likely to increase in the 21st century. Experience has shown that a professionally competent intermediary can assist companies in overcoming multifarious problems during the process of project identification, presentations, negotiations, and in the concluding of deals. Nova Technologies remains engaged throughout the implementation process and provides relevant facilitation services through the special advantages we enjoy, through which we successfully carve out niches for ourselves and our associates. With foremost importance to us of adhering to the principle of integrity and trust that has been cultivated and nurtured since the very inception of our company as a strict policy to follow and to always abide by the law of the land, we have earned the trust of our customers by building up not only long term but also permanent relationships with them. Our commitments have therefore inspired multinational corporations and our clients internationally and nationally to regard us as their trustworthy and dependable partners, who will strive to provide our best and most effective services to them at all times.

Realizing the Potential of NEC and NCW

Nova Technologies is helping its clients internationally and within the country to deliver the vision for Network Enabled Capability (NEC) and Network Centric Warfare (NCW). Nova Technologies has conducted numerous case studies to assess and quantify the benefits and impacts of net-work based systems and technologies for different types of military and civilian requirements. Furthermore, we bring the know-how of our clients leading systems engineering capabilities; deep technical knowledge and experience of delivering technology enabled changes to defense and other sectors.

Delivering Business Transformation

Nova Technologies has extensive experience of delivering unique solutions to our business clients which include:-

  • Organizational Design
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Financial Modeling
  • Human Resource Management
  • Technology Development and Advice
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Program and Portfolio Management We have carried out many changes in projects that have been of significant importance in the defense and non-defense environments.

Improving Defense Acquisition Performance

Nova Technologies is at the forefront of developing new best practices in acquisitions. We draw on the experience we have gained in client projects, across all aspects of acquisitions and every stage of its life cycle. Our independence allows us to work as advisors to our clients, whereas our depth of domain knowledge gives us insight to help suppliers. We have strong practical programs and change management expertise to help ensure the delivery of complex programs. We can help with strategic risk analysis and identify improvement strategies on large scale defense programs.

Effective Partnering Between Government and Defense Industry

Recent challenges in the defense sector require governments and industries to collaborate more closely than ever. Nova Technologies has relationships and knowledge across the defense and commercial sectors with experience and insight that ensures a harmonized approach with both the government and industry. As such, we have brokered a number of highly effective partnering relationships. Our experience is that a partnering approach will be most successful when the interested parties:

  • Establish a Common Purpose
  • Develop a Performance-Related Regime
  • Build a Joint Management and Capability Framework
  • Drive change to build a truly Collaborative Relationship

However, partnering is not a one-off process. A true approach to partnering extends beyond its initial establishment; it requires continues effort during the life of the relationship if collaborations are to be successfully sustained. Our wide ranging experience with both the industry and government make us uniquely placed to advise on the development and implementation of key policy and strategy projects throughout the defense sector, including:

  • Improving Acquisition Performance
  • Effective Partnering between Government and Industry
  • Realizing of the Potential of Network Enabled Capability and Network Centric Warfare
  • Delivering Business Transformation and Driving Efficiency

Nova Technologies is adept with skills required in the political and diplomatic arenas and as such, can deal with sensitive situations requiring the utmost discretion and tact. All transactions and communications are conducted with total confidentiality and Nova Technologies provides complete protection to its sources and clients.

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